Frequently asked questions

The print will be ready on the first working day after the transfer of the price of the picture and will be sent by post the next day. Depending on the distance the parcel has to travel, delivery can take several days up to a week. The customer will receive an email with information on how to track the parcel.
After unpacking the package, if there is any shipping error on the picture and it is damaged, please take pictures immediately and email them to me at the same day. There is then the option of refunding the price of the image or returning the faulty image, but given the uniqueness of the situation this will need to be agreed individually between the parties.
Please contact us by e-mail as soon as possible. As the number of pictures available is limited, you will have to send me the picture back. Postage is at the expense of the customer. If the picture is returned to the sender intact, I will refund the full price by bank transfer.
In the webshop you will find images that have been made with marker pen, on paper and then photographed. The paper version of these cannot be purchased because after a while (within a year) the colours fade. If you order one of these, you will receive a digitised copy printed on good quality photo paper.