Other works

Graphic recording in the WeGrow training course


I have always found it useful to sketch complex processes on paper in the form of simple, nice and sometimes even humorous drawings.

Over time it turned out that this can
effectively support the participants of the trainings as well.

The daily program schedule appears on an A1 size paper with the most important points that arise during the activities, bullet points of presentations and all the nice and humorous moments experienced during the training.

Graphic facilitation helps to visually display the process of team-level learning, bulletpoints of presentations or the result of a brainstorming session.

On the last day of the event, printed booklets of the drawings are made and can be taken home by the participants.

Illustrations for learning materials, handouts, educational cards

I created nearly 50 illustrations and a pack of educational cards for the lactation consultant course materials of Semmelweis University in Budapest. It was one of my favorite collaborations. I had the chance to learn a lot about this very important topic while preparing the illustrations.I can not imagine a more important cause.

The Ladder Workbook that was completed in 2020 after the first quarantine period provides a great opportunity for users to navigate the road from being a victim to become accountable.

We can all easily take the role of a victim that is hard to leave behind. However, this workbook that I illustrated can effectively help with this. The authors of the workbook are my close friends with whom I really enjoyed to work.


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This workbook is a personal journey that supports you to process your own thoughts and experiences. It was born during the first quarantines with the aim of sharing what we believe in and what we work with.

Our trainings and group coaching work have become limited so we thought we could share this tool in a different way to help everyday life.

Street view of Szentendre

This design was made upon  order and  printed of different products.
Available in Szentendre (Hungary) at the design shop called Makrazsu .

Illustrations for coaching and learning materials and handouts

I have been working as a coach / trainer / facilitator for many years.

I illustrated our handouts and learning materials, I created educational cards to support the learning process and to make it more interactive.

Logo design

Logo design

Designing a logo always starts with a brainstorming session together with the client. A logo has to tell so much.

I find it important that it represents all that the client wants to share with the world – the cause, the dream, the goals that the client wants to achieve.

Illustrations for tourist cards

During the summer of 2022 I made 100 illustrations for 2 packs of special cards (50 illustrations for each) – one pack represents the most interesting places to discover in Budapest while cards in the other pack give ideas to enjoy little moments of everyday life.



Design of permanent and temporary tattoos